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Irrigation Treadle Pump

Afridev Deep Well Hand Pump

Submersible Pumps


Salient Features


  1. Wet Type, Water Cooled Rewindable Motors
  2. High Operating Efficiency And Low Power Bill
  3. Withstand wide voltage fluctuations
  4. Stainless Steel Models for Long Life
  5. Light weight & Noiseless operation



  • Private / Public Water Supply
  • Flow / Drip / Sprinkler / Irrigation
  • Small Discharge High Pressure Water Supply
  • Fire Fighting, Bungalows & Apartments

Technical Specifications


                          Single Phase       Three Phase

Motor HP              0.5 To 3.0         0.75 To 5.0

Pump Stage          5 To 40             5 To 45

Head In Meter       4 To 208           4 To 240

Discharge In LPM  16 To 360       17 To 360

RPM                        2880                2880

Volt                        230 Volt     415 Volt / 380 Volt

Hz                           50 / 60              50 / 60

Type of Duty              S1                    S1

Degree of Protection  IP 58               IP 58

Solar Submersible Pumps


Solar technologies are new innovation towards fortune project to save climate & environment. Green effect is social responsibility of our industry and save water is part of one of major social responsibilities as water tables are dropping and energy losses are major concern of our project to save for our coming gernerations.


PV (Photo Volatic) cells are of two types mono & poly which absorbs solar energy and converts to electric energy which is suffiecient to start motor pumps to draw water from different water sources like boreholes, ponds, lakes and so on for irrigation and domestic purposes. Solar panels are consist of multiple PV cells to deliver sufficient various type of selected watts. they are connected to each other in series or parallel connections.


Solar Pump sets are consists of solar panels, controller and battery,  solar submersible pump which is in borehole and delivery pipe connected to water storage tank or reservoir for irrigation purposes. Solar pumps are suitable for those places where there is shortage or no arrangements of electric power and availability of 8 hours sufficient sun rays to feed solar panels.


ESS ESS Solar Pumps are useful for following applications

1.  Irrigation Schemes for villages

2.  Water Borehole for communities 

3.  Schools, Hospitals, Domestic Purposes

4.  Clean Drinking Water & Sanitation Purposes


ESS ESS Malawi exclusively works for water project and deals in innovative water products to provide clean drinking water to malawians who deserve to lead healthy life with their families. moreover, introduce latest technology to promote malawi irrigation for sustainable life and supports food and security for malawians. 



Development of Borehole Site  & Installation of Hi Lift Hand Pump || ESS ESS Team


ESS ESS Malawi & it's partners developed hi lift hand pump in malawi and it is just like standard afridev hand pump to draw water but hi lift is having capacity to lift water in to the tank for storage purposes for further use in taps in hospitals, schools, community area to serve them better. hi lift does not need any electricity to work. just manually, it can lift 1000 lph which is almost similar to standard afridev hand pump. during development of hi lift, we wanted to maintain same pump but to add little mechanism to add some important features which can help or make people life easy. 


Hi lift is easy to install

Hi lift is easy to learn by local area mechanics

Hi lift is having same spare parts like standard afridev

Hi lift is useful for multiple application in different sectors

Hi lift having capacity to lift water for storage 

Hi lift is affordable and easily available in malawi

Hi lift maintains long life of borehole

Access of water is completely hygienic 

For furthur information,

Contact +265 99333000, 999313982, 888991986

Afridev Hand Pump is offered to our customers with a convenient working mechanism. These pumps are manufactured as per the approved industry norms and can be purchased at reasonable rates. Designed with variable handle settings, these pumps can be used in accordance with the changes in static water levels. We assure our customers long-term usage of these products as per their requirements.


Light weight
Easy to install
Heavy-duty design



Minimum Bore Size: 100 mm
Internal dia. of Cylinder: 50 mm
Stroke length: 225±3 mm
Average discharge per stroke: 17 liters per minute of 40 strokes
Operating depth (approx.): Up to 80 meters


Treadle Irrigation pump is a high Capacity pump designed to lift water by suction from shallow wells up to 7.5 Mts And other surface sources. It has a capacity to discharge 5000-7000 liters per hour.

It is operated by leg muscles in a comfortable walking motion and can be operated by one or two adults or two or more children. It is a double cylinder and double acting model, both downward stroke and upward stroke delivers water and optimum utilization of energy spent is achieved.

A portable self-contained unit sits at ground level.

Flexibility in installation, it can be moved from one location to another, without any permanent installation on a single well with the help of front wheel.

Due to its simplicity and compactness, maintenance of the pump is economical in all aspects. Long and Broad Paddles boosts pump to fetch water with extra pressure and farmers won't get tired with this benefit.