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ESS ESS as a Manufacturer, Supplier & Experts in Research & Development of Afridev Deep Well Hand Pump & Spares across Malawi & Mozambique from past 15 years.      more

ESS ESS helps to bring sustainability & availability of Afridev Hand Pumps & Spares in all 28 Districts with huge Network Partners across Malawi which helps Supply Chain for communities.

ESS ESS deals in the field of Water Pump, Solar Systems, Electrical Pump, Sanitation & Hygenic Systems to improve Health Management, Access of Clean Drinking Water      more

Irrigate farms with Advanced Treadle Pumps to get better yield to improve business for the families of Malawians which will eradicate Poverty in Malawi       more

ESS ESS Malawi is the biggest supply chain of Afridev Hand Pump spares across the country with 170 Network Partners

ESS ESS Malawi focus is on sustainability of working water points all over malawi

Every Drop of Water Counts
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Challenges in Malawi


ESS ESS Malawi understands challenges of malawi after installation of afridev hand pumps for communities or for hospitals or for schools. Donors of malawi invest so much for common man to get clean drinking water for their families to survive but it shocks a lot when after few days of installlation, authorities find that parts of afridev hand pump are missing or being stolen. now water point remains abandon for long because no one wants to use fund to bring it back.  

To overcome these vandalism challenges, ESS ESS Malawi developed special locking kit made of steel and galvanized to protect from corrosion. it has designed in such a manner that thieves will unable to cut the hidden lock of this afridev locking kit. It has reported that it protects afridev hand pump from vandalism from various part of country.


These afridev locking kits are always available in ESS ESS Malawi stores all over country. Hence we are soon launching online store for all type of water pumps and spares available for all over country clients and overseas clients too which will enhance ESS ESS approach with latest technology. ESS ESS launched mobile app for adroid users. 

Vision & Strategy for Sustainability


In 2000, when ESS ESS team was doing survey for water pumps prospects in malawi then we realized that there are many areas of malawi does not have access of clean drinking water because of so many reasons & more and more population of malawi drinks unhealthy water which attracts water borne diseases which are very dangerous to human life.


After hard work of 2 years, in 2002 founder of ESS ESS Malawi Mr. Pradeep Batta launched company with more 3 partners exclusively dedicated to water availability programs with innovative ideas. ESS ESS Team have launched afridev hand pump for clean drinking water from boreholes and irrigation treadle pumps for agricuture to fetch water from surface water. 


In 2005, ESS ESS Team surveyed to various sites of water points all over country then realized that hand pumps are installed but after 1 year it's abandon beacause of non availability of spares near water points of districts of malawi then immediately ESS ESS Team launched another program of supply chain with reliable partners or french organization which was in to force of same program of training area mechanics to maintain boreholes and create partner shops to supply material to area mechanics near by village of the district of the country. Gradually, this program expanded slowly slowly and in 2018, we are having 200+ malawi water supply chain network partners all over malawi and it's still expanding.  

Today, ESS ESS Malawi is the largest stockist of afridev spares and complete set of pumps available 24x7x12 and provides opportunity to local malawian to join hands to work together and enhances the strength of empowerment. ESS ESS water pumps are famous and trust worthy brand because of so many years field and market expierence. ESS ESS water pumps are exported & famous in Mozambique also and are certified through mozambique lab also.

In 2004, ESS ESS started manufacturing water hand pumps in india under Indo Afro Industries which is still in existence with full force and which boosts energy level of ESS ESS Team as per in house development and holding all type of reputable certificates from malawi government. 

Social Norms || Sanitation Problems & Solutions || ESS ESS Malawi


It's been long ESS ESS Team working in water, sanitation & hygiene sector. Awareness of these three sectors are more important if you & your community wants to lead good healthy life or if you want to live because it matters to all individual to individual, family to family, community to community, village to village, city to city and nation to nation. Every person need to understand what is WASH sector before anything else and I believe we should have chapters and classes in our school then only we can rid off water borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery, shingles, and so on..


There are 3 major fundamentals of good livings that is

Clean Drinking Water

Good Sanitation

Hygienic Living


Clean Drinking Water: Most essential thing to live is clean drinking water in our lives. There are two type of ways to get underground water & surface water. Underground water is the most clean and healthy water available for humans but it’s expensive and possible only if it get drilled by borehole machines which is expensive for individuals. Our govt & ngo’s are giving us opportunity to get boreholes by donations so that we get direct access of clean underground drinking water otherwise surface water is like lakes, cascades, rivers are the common source for animals and humans which is contaminated sometimes and our families get sick because of water borne diseases. From morning to dawn, we need clean drinking water to brush our teethes, bathing, drinking, making food and so on.. if we don’t care of clean drinking water then it gets contaminated and our families get sick and even die. If near by our homes, we have borehole then it’s our responsibility of individual to whole community to care or look after borehole points because it’s a source of life.

ESS ESS Malawi || Solutions:

Stop defecating in open area which can encourage diseases to born and gives impact on our lives. In fact, we should stop everyone to do so. It’s a pollution to environment and health risk to humans. Every house should have toilets in our villages and cities and sewage structure so human waste can pass in it.  This is the only way out to avoid these problems. If individual can’t afford then govt. or ngo’s should give them common toilets in the market with ready made sewage where people can go and defecate and can pay minimum to minimum charges but it should be compulsory under law or policy should be construed to do so. Penality on people who do defecate outside in the open.. there should be some lessons or classes in the communities to handle all these methods.


India is so big and old country with 1.35 billion people, even they are struggling with the same issue but they have taken step and their prime minister launch revolution of Sawach Bharat or Swachta Abhiaan where govt. of india putting common toilets for everyone outside and inside cities and villages to rid off 100% from these problems or diseases and spreading words and awareness of having benefits of toilet at home and giving benefits also if you have toilet at home just to promote. If we have toilet and sewage also but not well installed then even we are polluting underground water and get infected with different diseases.


ESS ESS Ideology:

Toilet cabins are connected with bio digester tank. It is developed to resolve the problems of undecomposed human waste. It degrades and converts the human waste into usable water and gasses in an eco friendly manner. The generated gas can be utilized for energy, cooking and water for irrigation purposes.

The process involves the bacteria which feed upon the faecal matter inside the tank through anaerobic process which finally degrades the matter and releases methane gas that can be used for cooking, along with the treated water.

Contact ESS ESS for further infomation on

 +265 993330000, 999313982, 888991986

Sustainable Steps Taken:


Malawi has an estimated population of 15.8 million of which 80% live in rural areas and generally practice subsistence, rain-fed agriculture. 90% of improved rural water supplies in Malawi are boreholes or shallow wells equipped with hand pumps, vast majority are Afridev pumps, and some Malda in certain districts…). There are few piped gravity fed schemes (GFS).

To improve this functioning ratio, some Operation and Maintenance (O&M) have been undertaken in Malawi since 1999. Maintenance can be differentiated between rehabilitation, repairs, or preventive maintenance.


Districts where O&M projects are fully operational are Lilongwe, Dedza, Salima, Dowa, Mchinji, Ntchisi, Kasungu, Zomba, Mulanje, Chiradzulu and Phalombe. Deployment is ongoing in Ntcheu, Nkhotakota, Machinga.  In Salima, the monitoring & evaluation of the Area Mechanics have even been transfer to the technicians of the Water Department (DWO and the Water Monitoring Assistants – WMAs).

Steps for O&M (Operation & Maintenance

Global Sanitation Practices

ESS ESS Practices || Development || Hi Lift Hand Pump

Blantyre, Chikwawa, Balaka Operations 

ESS ESS Team & Scottish Partners developed & installed new version of Afridev hand pump which we named as Hi Lift Hand Pump as it's having different feature that is to lift water to storage tank without electricity where all spare parts are the same as standard afridev. It's easy to push water and if you want to draw water in your bucket then simply open gate valve and draw water just like you do in standard afridev. regular area mechanic can install or fix this Hi Lift Hand Pump and it can work up to 45m-60m head.  


ESS ESS Team based in limbe doing improvisation on water pumps to make malawians life easy with availability of pumps and focusing on inspection survey of each pump once in 6 months to keep pumps life longer and sustainable. Borehole communities should have responsibility of it and with the help of permaculture they can bank their funds for regular surveys by area mechanic and for spare parts if needed to change.


Let's work for those who deserve to have clean drinking water to live healthy life.  


For further information, Contact ESS ESS Team  

+265 993330000, 999313982, 888991986

Good Sanitation: like water is important, same good sanitation is important and healthy way to live life and it keeps you, your family and community away from deadly diseases. Moreover, we are civilized with infrastructure of buildings and sewages in our cities but just out of cities, we do not have any line of structure of anything which means we are limited to healthy and safe life. Where there are no infrastructure, we call them rural areas and in these areas every morning people defecating and urinating outside means in the open area they do defecate and then start their every morning routine which means every morning, they left behind a reason to kill their families and communities. It repeats every morning. Every year people gets sick and die because of their every morning routine which brings cholera, typhoid, dysentery and so many diseases.


How these diseases spread from human waste ?

Some people they defecate in open farms and flies sit on it and transports micro organisms to near homes or to food which directly or indirectly consumed by humans and then dangerous bacteria releases it’s acid in the stomach and in few hours too much dysentery or dehydration kills people with pain. some people defecates near river, pond or lake and when this human waste comes in to contact with near water through rainfall or somehow then on other side, people collecting water to drink or washing clothes comes in to contact with this bacteria and again same problem occurs which results in above mentioned diseases and leads to death.


Every year same thing happens and every morning people do same in routine but no solutions because non awareness and less resources. In fact, there is no solid medicine for these diseases, some times it works and some times it does not. It’s 50% chances. By doing these things slowly and steady, we are spoiling our underground water also as this human waste is seeping in side the ground and when it comes in to contact with under ground water then it spoils it also which sometimes we call salty water. Possibility of iron factor in underground water is because of our routine.

Supply Chain Network with Partner Shops for Supply of Spares


When communities have borehole and if it breaks down then challenge comes to fix it as soon as possible and we need trained area mechanics to do so and then another challenge is availability of spares near by stores otherwise mechanics to travel far to get small spares. To fix borehole is a cost also so it ‘s a challenge too so management of borehole should be prepared for these uncertainties. One thing is more important and we have experienced that communities don’t complain or stop using or take action if there is noise in borehole while using which leads to serious problem when borehole completely shut down and stop giving water.. only then management comes to know or start taking action where if they would have taken action before then it could have save that borehole with little repair. Therefore, inspection or service of each borehole is important in every 6 months like our cars and bikes.